Lease Equipment for Your Trucking Business With Our Help


Our company has connections with various leasing companies that will be helpful to you if you decide to lease a truck or trailer instead of buying one. Leasing can be tricky, so you need to consider the following factors before you make your decision.

  • End Cost of Leasing a Truck

  • Number of Miles Allowed in the Contract
  • Charges for Exceeding Maximum Number of Miles
  • Insurance for the Leased Equipment
  • Prohibited Cargo to Prevent Damage to the Trailer
  • Other Limitations in the Lease

Sometimes it can be better for you to lease a tractor and/or trailer. We might be able to help you find a good lease. But leasing can have hidden costs you need to be careful of.

Who is required to insure the tractor or trailer? If it is you, then be sure to consider this extra cost when deciding whether or not leasing is advantageous for you. If you own your tractor or trailer, you can decide what kind of insurance to have and what the limits are – so long as you meet the requirements of the states you are driving through and whatever your customers and your banker might require.

But, if you lease equipment, then the leasing company will set the requirements you must meet. This can get quite expensive.

Another thing to be careful of is that most leases have a limit on how many miles you can put on the tractor or trailer. If you go over those miles, the extra charges can be extremely high. So, a lease might sound good at first, but when you look into it for details, it might be far more expensive to lease than to buy.